Tuesday, 26 August 2008

One of those days!!

Last night we got back from staying at the Caravan since Friday. We had a fantastic weekend with family and friends. Lots of dancing, laughing, eating and drinking. Just how a bank holiday weekend should be. The weather held out for most of the weekend and we managed to sit outside for most of the days. Finley particularly enjoyed himself as he rode on two different tractors, which are his favourite things at the minute.

Last night i decided to take some meat out of the freezer to defrost overnight for tonights tea. The freezer really needs defrosting but you know its one of those jobs that i never get around to doing often enough. I couldnt shut the door for all of the ice that was there so in my tired state began hacking at it with the handle of a dessert spoon. I soon gave up and asked CB to help. A few minutes later there was a hole in the freezer and gas was escaping. End of fridge freezer.
Today i have had to throw all food away and i now have a waterfall in my kitchen as the freezer defrosts. I have been on a mission all day to find somewhere that will deliver a fridge freezer today/ this week. No chance. 5 working days is the earliest delivery. I have given up!!
The TV in the kitchen has decided to die today also.
I decided to get on with the mountain of washing that i seem to have bought back from the caravan. Two loads done and hung on the washing line. The washing line decided to snap. Yes you have guessed it. Two loads of clean washing on the ground. Could today possibly get any worse??!!!
I intended to spend today catching up on jobs washing, cleaning, paperwork etc but none of that has been achieved. Instead i have spent my time mopping water, emptying bowls full of water and trying to track down a new fridge freezer. I have finally picked up the washing from the ground after staring at it for ten minutes wondering what to do with it!!
So now i have a bowl of water as a makeshift fridge! A pint of milk and a tub of butter are bobbing around in there.
I hope that tomorrow turns out to be a better day!!!

I remembered that i never got round to doing the green olympic show and tell. Have just scanned my treasures and i have not got anything green. I dont know why because i actually quite like green but i have nothing at all that is green. The only thing thats kindof greeny is the seat pads on the 99p stools that i made over. I have already posted the picture somewhere but here it is again. Its a kind of mint green that looks really nice with the pink.

I must say thanks to Sesga, who has given me an award .
I think i now have to pass the award to others. I love your blog sesga but oviously you have had the award already! So im going to award it to the other people i like to visit. Check out their blogs on the right hand side of this page. Fredsworld, Happy loves Rosie, Polka dotted world, Hollyhocks, and Sophie Honeysuckles English decor. Your blogs are all so inspiring but so very addictive!!
Ok im now going to relax for half an hur before CB comes home. Thanks to the no food situation we are eating out tonight. Every cloud does have a silver lining!!
Take Care Happy thrifting x x


Anonymous said...

OMG!! You poor girl they say things happen in 3 so I think you have had it all now .
Hope you get it all sorted soon
Love from sesga xx

Elaine said...

Poor you, it never rains but it pours eh? (Pun intended sorry)

Hope you get sorted soon, typical to be without a fridge just as the weather gets warmer.

Love and blessings

jen said...

The stools are soooo cute, I love them:)