Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Im back AGAIN!!!

Ok so as the title says..... Im back again. Hopefully for good this time and im going to try to get back into blogging again. I have completely stepped out of the blogging world for sometime, not updating mine or catching up on the lovely blogs that i used to follow. Please bear with me whilst i try to catch up on your news and updates!
I have lots of news and updates to give you all and to be honest its a little daunting of where to start and how! I have just read some of my earlier posts and its really quite amazing how much has changed. I still have the same interests and likes but our situation has changed somewhat! 
Finley is now 7 years old and full of energy loving life. Lylah is now 4 and is a beautiful little lady who loves all things girly and pretty. Then we have Fenton who is 2! He is our gorgeous little man full of character and so loving and happy. It seems strange the last time i updated this blog Lylah had just been born. 
My beautiful furry baby China had to be put to sleep a couple of years back. I love and miss her lots. 
We have various other pet friends now whom i shall introduce shortly!

This was taken in October on Lylahs 4th birthday. Finley and Lylah on Hemmick Beach.

Fenton just before his second birthday!

So now you are updated on our family additions! 

You may note that Finley is on the beach in the picture in his school uniform despite the fact that we live in the Midlands.

Update number 2 will be about our huge life change that we made in November 2012. We followed our dreams and our hearts and moved to Cornwall!!! I will be back soon to fill you all in!! xxxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

IM BACK!!!!!!!

Well after almost 6 months im back!! Busy busy as always. Our baby girl is growing rapidly, now 6months! How time flies.

We have been on a few trips, done a lot of work around the house etc etc. China our Shar Pei is expecting pups at the end of the month so very excited to soon hear the patter of tiny paws!

We have also been busy renovating the vintage caravan.

this was a before....................................

and after.......................................

My sewing machine has been working flat out!

I am very pleased with the end result, just got a few vintage pieces to put in there and dress her up a bit.

Iam also extremely excited as we have been asked to exhibit her by the author of the 'My cool caravan' book, here at the vintage goodwood festival. If any of you are going please come and say hello as i would love to meet fellow bloggers. Looks like a great festival so very much looking forward to attending!

We are going away with her this weekend so hoping that this lovely weather continues as it will be the last trip for a while before pups!! Am also hoping for a little thrifting in the sunshine too!!

To my blogger friends, im sorry i have not been around to comment on your blogs in the past months, i have tried to check in with you to keep up but i have a lot of catching up to do!!! x x x

Saturday, 17 October 2009


Our beautiful daughter Lylah Rae was born 15th October at 1.10pm weighing 7lb 12oz. All is well thank goodness, we are truly blessed. x x

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Makeovers and waiting!!

Its been a busy few weeks in the fifties household.

With just a few weeks to go before the new arrival is due, i decided as you do, that a new living room was on the cards. So two weeks followed of no skirting boards, bare plaster and no flooring. It was all worth it though as i finally got to use my very favourite Sanderson wallpaper!

I wanted a modern but retro feel to the room and i think the wallpaper gives it just that.

CB was a little reluctant about the wallpaper and wall colour, with it being so bold, but now he is pleased with the result. I really wanted to get away from the boring brown and cream that it was before.

One of my favourite things in the room is the new rug. The pictures dont really show it but its a really unusual texture, really soft but almost grass like.

I love relaxing in there at night as its so cosy, and Fin loves the new floor as his cars go really fast on there now that the carpet is gone!

We have also finished the nursery

Im really pleased with it as its lovely and girly.

Im also pleased with the cot bedding as i made it myself!! I couldnt find what i wanted in the shops so i bought the fabric and made it. Its the biggest thing that i have made with my machine and im really pleased with it.

So now we are just waiting for our little girl to arrive. Still not 100% sure on names so the debate continues!

Take care happy thrifting! x x

Saturday, 15 August 2009

I Passed!!!!!

Yesterday i finally passed my driving test!

After having lessons on and off for a number of years i finally did it!

So now im mobile, i have a whole new world of antiques fairs, car boot sales, collectors fairs etc to visit!

I love these cars and despite just how much i love them, sadly would not fit a double buggy and two baby seats in them. So for me its the estate car.

Oh well a girl can dream!

Monday, 3 August 2009

The Shabby Shed!

The shed transformation is finally finished!!

When we moved into our house there was an enormous shed in the garden that was kitted out with bird cages. Never been used. The electrics were installed and most of the shed was boarded and lined already. We had been using it as storage for Fins outdoor toys and the lawnmower, but felt that it was a little wasted. So CB built a lean to at the side for storage and I claimed the shed as mine!! With a lot of white paint and a little bargain hunting, the shed is now my shabby bungalow/ summerhouse!
The bedroom area is at the back and we got a brand new ikea sofa bed from ebay for £28! The wallpaper was reduced to £5 a roll and a carpet off cut completed the room.
In the sitting room area the furniture was a bargain £5 for all of it from ebay! There was a huge dining table that is too big for the shed, a chest of drawers, bedside cabinet, table and two chairs- £5!!!!! The paint was buy one get one free and the fabric for covering the chairs was from my stash.

The curtains were another ebay bargain. They are original fifties and i got them for £10. They were originally 2 curtains so i cut them and turned them, them hemmed them and im really pleased with them as i have never attempted anything like that before on my machine!

I am so pleased with the transformation. For less than £100 and a bit of hard work we now have room for overnight guests and a lovely area to sit and read or relax. I have put some of my vintage books in there and some vintage postcards but i still have a list as long as my arm of things i need to get. Vintage mirrors, floral lamp, floral rug, floral pictures will all complete the look. Im hoping the weather starts to improve so that i can visit a few boot fairs and start ticking off the list!
Happy thrifting x

Friday, 24 July 2009

My baby turned 3.......... and a sneaky peak!!!

Yesterday my little man turned 3. I cant quite believe that he is 3. Where did the time go.
We had a fantastic day from start to finish.

Waking in the morning to find birthday presents
Playing all day with new toys then a party at the pub. Magician, balloon modelling, pony rides, disco, face painting and bouncy castle. Lots of friends and delicious food.

Amazement at a real rabbit appearing from nowhere!!

Taking part in the magic show

Riding on the pony

Becoming a tiger!

Dressing as Buzz lightyear on more than one occasion through the day!

A birthday success!!!

I was also pleased that i had no clearing up of the party aftermath to do this year!

We have been busy batting on with the shed makeover. The bedroom area is almost complete, just a few vintage treasures to add.

The living area just needs the floor painting and pretties adding and we will be there.

Im actually excited to finish this and im looking forward to spending a night in there!

So here is a little peak at the bedroom area. The sofa bed was an ebay bargain and i have made the cushions that are on there. The bunting was bought on our holiday although im not sure if it will stay in there or perhaps relocate to the vintage caravan once i have made over that. Descisions!!! Hopefully progress will resume this weekend and i will return shortly with pictures of the completed shed.

Happy thrifting!! x

Friday, 3 July 2009

Back to reality

Well we are back from our lovely holiday in very sunny Cornwall. We had beautiful weather and a really fantastic time.

Lots of rockpooling and delight at catching a crab.

Beautiful beaches with white sand and clear blue sea

Delight at finding Cath Kidston, then disappointment that all items on my wishlist are sold out!

Stunning scenery

Beautiful Mevagissey

Fun on the beach

Better luck with the shopping in Joules!

Finding an unexpected car boot sale and finding these fantastic crochet blankets. The multicolour one is huge. A bargain at £2. The smaller ones £1.50. I almost felt guilty buying them at that price, as the wool must have cost more than that. The lady told me that she makes them in the winter when she is bored. The pink one and green one will be finding a new home in the nursery while the other two will be right at home in the vintage caravan.

So now we are rested and ready to continue witht he ever growing list of projects in the fifties household. Progress with the shed / summerhouse has resumed and next week i will hopefully make a start on decorating the inside. I managed to pick up some lovely union jack bunting and an enormous union jack flag on holiday too.

I have also decided on the wallpaper and bedding for the nursery, which we will shortly be making a start on.

We have a certain someones 3rd birthday aproaching fast and so thoughts are now turned to that!

This morning we have woken to thunder and rain. Not good when we have a weekend planned in the caravan at an outdoor proms event. We had planned on a picnic, smart dress and deckchairs in the sun. Now it looks like waterproofs and umbrellas! The good old british summer!

Happy thrifting x

Friday, 19 June 2009

Busy busy..........

The title says it all really! We have been none stop in the past few weeks.

Firstly a little thrifting. Gorgeous vintage linen pillowcases and a vintage candy stripe sheet. I love the colours of the pillowcases and a bargain at £3 for all.

Originally i was going to use the sheet as fabric for a project but i cant bring myself to cut it up! It will now find a home in the shabby beach hut bungalow that our shed is being transformed into!

We have now painted the shed blue......... a sneaky peak!

I am just about ready to start on the interior now,the best bit! Am going to wallpaper the back wall to make a bedroom area and paint the front area in a candy colour.

I have also been trying to decide on a wallpaper for the nursery. I just cant seem to find the right thing. I have an idea in my head but cant find anything at all similar. The quest continues!

I bought some lovely fabric at the weekend from a stall on the local market. A bargain at £1.99 a metre.

I really love the pink with the cats, its really fifties style. Not too sure what im going to make with it yet but im sure that i will think of something.

On Monday we are off here for a week

Sunny Cornwall. Im really looking forward to it, and have already planned a trip to Cath Kidston in St Ives. Im hoping for a little Cornish thrifting too, so if any of you know of any good bootsales etc in the Cornwall area please do let me know!

So the busy theme will contiue for the next couple of days. Im just off to Chesterfield now to take the dog to the vets, in laws visiting tonight, shopping tomorrow, driveway being dug out tomorrow, dropping off budgie at sisters tomorrow night, more driveway work on Sunday, suitcase packing and preholiday cleaning!!! I will sure need a holiday after that!!!!

Oh and fingers crossed for sunny skies!

Take care Happy thrifting! x