Thursday, 7 August 2008

Cakes and kisses!

Today i thought we would bake some cupcakes. Finley put on his new apron and got out his new wooden utensils. It all started well but didnt go according to plan when Fin decided he needed to eat the flour, butter and sugar raw from the bowl! How do you explain to a two year old that you dont eat what is in the bowl, despite the fact that normally he is told to!

He soon decided his birthday toys were far more interesting than mixing so off he went.

So here are the finished cakes. What better way to decorate them than to co-ordinate the icing with your kitchen! Can you see the hidden message on the red ones? Its supposed to say L 'heart' C. Thats our initials because tomorrow is our fourth wedding anniversary.
How time flies.

Four years ago today we were staying here

The gorgeous Breadsall Priory in Derbyshire. We stayed for 4 nights. The men played golf and the ladies relaxed in the spa. We arrived on the Thursday and got married on the Sunday. The weather was some of the hottest i can remember. There were about 20 of us staying here so we had a great time with friends and family and went out for some lovely meals altogether.

Sunday arrived and we got married here

Morley hayes in Derbyshire.
It was a lovely day and evening and we all looked like this

I cant believe its four years ago, although so much has happened in 4 years that it seems longer.
We have moved house twice, opened a business and had Finley who is now two!!
Quite scarey really!!!

Hope you are all enjoying any sunny weather you might have had, we had a little sun this afternoon so made the most of it in the garden.

Take care Happy thrifting x x

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