Friday, 8 August 2008

Olympic show and tell

Ok, as today is the start of the olympics i thought i would base this for the theme of a show and tell. Thought i would use one of the olympic ring colours each day to show one of my favourite items in that colour. Today is going to be blue, followed by black, red, yellow then green.
Anyone else feel free to join in this show and tell.

So here goes for today.

Ok so i had a little problem choosing one item, i found a few that make me happy.

My favourite (i think!) is the cat. He is the blue half of a pair of Holt Howard 1950's salt and pepper pots. His other half has a pink bow. I have had them for about 6 years and also have a pair of mice and a pair of rabbits that are equally charming.
The glass candlestick holders are tinged blue and really pretty when the light catches them.
The egg cups are laura ashley, i love polka dot.
The Gaydon cups and saucers are a really lovely blue shade and i also love the shape of them.
The blue flowery glass is one of six and has a matching jug. They are a lemonade set i think and are really pretty and remind me of hot sunny days spent sipping homemade lemonade.
I love the cheese dish as its so retro and fits in just right.
Ok so its not the same shade of blue as the olympic blue but blue nevertheless.
Happy Thrifting. x


claire said...

I've joined you!!!
Blue show and tell over on my blog too!!
Good pimping by the way - looks good :)

Anonymous said...

Hi I have just found your blog and I love it Im really into the fifties too.I have a Original 50s kitchen that we restored .Come over to my blog and have a look .
from sesga