Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Elvis, British seaside and Olympic show and tell 2!!

As many of you know, we went to Bolton on Saturday night with our friends to see 'The World's greatest Elvis.' Can you remember the show on BBC hosted by Vernon Kay?? Well it was the winner of the show performing.

We travelled up there in Jim's car and listened to Elvis all the way of course!

We couldnt believe how close the hotel room was to the arena.

Once dressed went to the bar for a drink. We met others in costume and had lots of photos taken. We were photographed by Manchester Evening News and other local newspapers.

It was such a fun time.

The concert started with my favourite act of the night. His name is Justin Shandor, from USA and he performed as the 'fifties Elvis' which is of course my favourite era!

He was so talented, looked and sounded like Elvis, he was also Very goodlooking, which helped too!!

Another couple of acts and then it was time for the headline act, Shaun Klush. He won the greatest Elvis title.

He was really fantastic

A great night had by all!!!

On the way back home we stopped off for a visit to Blackpool. As usual the wind was blowing a gale but the sun did shine. We had a wander round and then had fish and chips. There really is nothing like seaside fish and chips is there??

CB on the beach!!

Ok i need to carry on the Olympic show and tell so today the colour is black.

I dont really have many black items but i do have some gorgeous Homemaker pieces.
I really love them as they are so retro.
I also love this glass cocktail shaker, i suppose it counts as it has a black lid!!

We also went to Alton Towers yesterday. I only have one picture as the batteries in my camera
decided to die.

The rain stayed away for us so we managed to stay dry all day!

I didnt go on any of the big rides as i have done those before. So i spent my day going on the toddler rides with Fin!
It was his first time at a theme park and he really enjoyed it. He especially liked the Mcdonalds farm area and driving the green tractor!
There were lots of things to see and do and by 3pm he was fast asleep in his pushchair!
We really enjoyed it.

So as you can imagine a very busy past few days and now i have lots of cleaning, washing and ironing to catch up with. Its amazing how being out for just a couple of days can lead to such a backlog of jobs.
I dont mind doing jobs today though as the weather here is dreadful. Not only is it gray and drizzling it actually feels quite cold. Not a bit like August.
When I was younger i can remember summer as being really hot and winter as being really cold and having a lot of snow. Where have those days gone? When you could wear summer clothes in the summer and woollies in the winter!
I dont have many summer woolies unfortunately!!!!
Hope the weather is better where you are!

Happy Thrifting, dont forget to show us all your treasures in the Olympic show and tell. x x x


Anonymous said...

Hi Fifties girl
I adore the black and white homemaker plates and cup soooo!!!!Gorgeous .I love your blog!! thanks for your kind comments on my blog .

Looks like you had a great time at the Elvis tribute night .

Sondra Behne' said...

Hello Fifties Girl...so nice to finally meet you.

Who's the girl with the pink hair?

We are having a pink hair contest going on right now at one of our blogs themanyshadesofpink.blogspot.com
Check us out if you get a chance.