Friday, 24 April 2009

Home made Home?

Last night i watched the second episode of Kirsties homemade home on channel 4.

This week it was the turn of the bathroom, and i did have to smile when she bought the yellow suite.

This was the bathroom in our old house. It made us smile lots as it was soooo bright yellow (pictures not very bright!!) and it was always a talking point when we had visitors. Kirstie would have loved it!!!!

Th idea of this programme is great.
Im all for re-using, making over and finding new uses for things otherwise destined for the rubbish tip, but after watching this programme i feel that a lot of us in blogging world have been doing this and appear to be a lot better at it than Kirstie.

Im proud of some of the things that i have made over. My £25 dresser- similar sell for over £1000 in Laura Ashley, my 99p ebay stools that i painted and recovered

I am constantly on the look out for bits and bobs in second hand shops, junk shops and carboot sales. If i need a piece of furniture these days I look on ebay etc and see if there is something that i can make over / reuse, rather than heading to ikea etc.

This week i have painted my wooden garden furniture that was looking very tired. It now has a new lease of life and i will be happy with it for at least this year. Afew years ago i would have thrown it away and bought new.

I also like using my vintage pots and pyrex in daily use. Bargains that i have picked up for as little as a few pence.

Its amazing what you can reuse and makeover to make it desirable again. I am always amazed when i look at other blogs and see the thrifty finds that people have had and then turned them into beautiful pieces!
I have been a little shocked at some of the prices that Kirstie has paid for what she calls 'bargains', but all in all if it encourages people to reuse then it cant be a bad thing. Just hope there are still some bargains left for us long time thrifty girls!!!!!
What are your favourite thrifty finds??
Happy Thrifting! x

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Bad blogger!!!!

Yes im a bad bad blogger!!!

After my unintentional break im back. Over the past few weeks i have been so tired that i have had little energy for anything other than the usual everyday chores, and somedays i have not even completed these! This pregnancy really seems to be taking it out of me this time. So i firstly must apologise to all of my blogging friends, thanks for your comments and i apologise for not visiting and leaving comments on all of your lovely blogs. Hopefully i will be back to my old self soon and normal blog visiting will resume!!
While i have been sitting with my feet up i have been determined to crack my crochet problem. I just cant sem to get the hang of it. I have been using the tutorials on Youtube etc online and also following the instructions in my 'happy hooker' crochet book. The result?? Well it kind of resembles something crochet like, but im not sure it deserves the crochet title just yet!!

I am so desperate to be able to crochet, i really want to make some granny squares to be made into baby blankets. Hopefully i will get there soon!

I have also made some bunting for the fifties kitchen

For a first attempt im quite pleased with the result and i have some more triangles cut and ready to sew for Fins new bedroom. He has now moved into the completed cowboy room, as he likes to call it, and im really pleased that he loves it so much. I was a little worried about putting him in a 'big boy bed' but have been pleasantly surprised that once in bed he actually stays in bed! I had visions of him playing with his toys all night but thankfully it has turned out well. I have not yet taken pics of the completed cowboy room but i will do soon.

This of course means that what is going to be the nursery is now a blank canvas. Im waiting on my next scan, when hopefully i will find out whether its going to be painted blue or pink!! I already have some ideas for the room so now just have to wait and see.

The thrifting season has begun and i have had a couple of lucky finds already

This lovely Brexton picnic set was only £2!! Its missing the flasks but i just love the floral plates and the blue cups. Will be great for the vintage caravan!

Im also loving these tins for just 20p each. The collection continues to grow!

I leave you with a picture of Finley with his grandad Col-Col, performing at Col-Cols 50th Birthday party!! A great night had by all, Fin certainly enjoyed being part of the band!!! x x x

Happy Thrifting! x