Monday, 4 August 2008

A great weekend!!!!

Once again we spent the weekend at the caravan. We were joined this week by our friends Jim and Val and their family. It was a fantastic weekend.

It began when we arrived at the caravan and in the distance i spotted Elvis Presley coming towards me. No im not mad, it was the owner of the site, Chris, dressed in an Elvis outfit complete with the wig. He had bought one for CB and one for Jim too!!!
So Saturday night arrived and out came the Elvis costumes. I may not have mentioned that CB and Jim are both Elvis mad.
We had a bbq and then 'M' and 'A' decided that they wanted to have a 'try on'. (M is 19 and A is 17).
Half an hour later they were in full character and been around the campsite meeting and greeting fellow campers in the style of Elvis!!!! They kept those outfits on for most of the night and they were great Elvises or is that Elvi??

We then made our way to the bar for karaoke. Everyone singing Elvis of course. A fantastic time was had by all. Lots of singing, dancing, laughing and enjoyment.

Finley also joined in with the action. He has perfected his Elvis dance.

The party then continued at the caravan. We had a great time and i have not laughed so much for ages.

A really lovely weekend. Thanks guys. x x x x

Talking of Elvis, we are very much looking forward to going to Bolton on Saturday night to see also with Jim and Val.

Have got my outfit sorted- fifties inspired of course, and now i cant wait!!

Take care Happy Thrifting x x x

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