Friday, 1 August 2008

Busy Busy Busy!!!!

A long time no blog!!!

Firstly i need to say thanks to the lovely Elaine (Bloomin Myrtle who has given me my first award.
So someone does read my ramblings!!

These past couple of weeks have been so hectic.

My little man turned two!! I cant believe that my baby is two. Time goes so fast.

We decided to celebrate the occasion with a small party. The numbers soon escalated and in total around 55 people came!! The party started with a steady stream of people from 2pm and at half past midnight the birthday boy was still going!!

We filled the living room with balloons the night before whilst he was in bed and this was him first thing birthday morning

The party was great and luckily my two days of frantic shopping paid off with all of the extra mouths to feed. We had typical party food. Sandwiches; cut into triangles of course, Jelly, pink wafer biscuits, iced gems and snowballs. Of course all served on vintage tableware!!

One of the highlights of the party was the pinata. For those of you who dont know about these ingenious inventions, its a paper/ cardboard horse that you fill with treats and toys, hang it up, give the children a big stick and let them take it in turns to bash it until it explodes and the treats fly everywhere. The scramble then follows as the children try and grab the toys.
I can highly recommend this for a party. Fun for all!!

An excellent day spent with friends and family. Love you Finley Happy Birthday x x x

Do you all remember my WIP dresser?? Well its finally finished, i say finished, just needs two handles fitting on, a job for you CB.

And here it is in all its glory full to brimming with my favourite vintage treasures

Im really pleased with how it has turned out and theres lots of storage for my pyrex!

We spent a long weekend at the caravan last week Friday until Monday. It was fantastic. Glorious sunshine all weekend. Its amazing when the sun shines you can sit doing nothing all day, just reading, playing and chatting. We could have been a million miles away, but were just 20 mins from home! Daytimes spent relaxing and karaoke at night, Elvis of course!!

On the thrifting front, not had any good finds recently, just a couple of bits and bobs.

My other news is that i have passed my theory driving test at long last!! I have been learning on and off for the past 6 years. This time i am going to pass. I must. My urge to drive has become stronger since finding these.

What other car could a girl possibly drive! Not quite sure whether i prefer the duck egg blue or the pastel pink!!

So please excuse my lack of blogging but we are sure making the most of the summer!! Hope you are too.
Happy thrifting x x


Debbie said...

ooh it look fabulous!!

Anonymous said...

That is an amazing transformation.

Elaine said...

The dresser is gorgeous.Your little one looks like he had a bostin time on his birthday LOL.

Love and blessings

shabby chic said...

Hi many thanks for the paint info!. You have done a fab job on your dresser and its looking lovely and I love all your bits on display. Glad you passed your theory test, its frustrating though. Your little lad looks like he had a good party 55 people ! . Time does fly when they are little, age creeps up quicker when you have children , then it does if you havent. I think its all those birthdays!. I will keep using facecream !

take care x Dom