Wednesday, 25 February 2009

A flying visit!

Yes i am still here!!
I have been so busy these past couple of weeks leaving me no time to post.

I have a little news since my last visit....................... There is going to be a new baby in the Fifties household in August!!! We found out a couple of weeks ago and im just now waiting for my appointment at the hospital for a scan.

We have explained to Finley that he is going to have a brother or sister and he seems quite excited and happy although he has told me that he has a brother in his tummy called Sam!!

We have already started thinking of names. When we had Finley we knew he was going to be a boy and we spent ages trying to decide on a name. At the time i worked in a school and this put me off a lot of names as there were names that i used to like but after meeting some of the not so desirable kids i swiftly changed my mind!! CB also has the same problem as he cuts the hair of half the population of the town so of course meets lots of children!!

I am convinced that this time we will have a girl. I would love a pretty, perhaps old fashioned name but CB is having none of it. Some of my suggestions that have been answered with a straight 'NO' have included Mable, Violet, Florence and Heidi. I have still not thought of any boys names that i like. I find that boys names are harder to decide on than girls. If Finley had been a girl he would have been Ruby. I still like it although its quite popular now.

Any suggestions for names would be greatly appreciated!!!! Both boys and girls!!! We like unusual but not silly, and of course it has to go with Finley!!!!

I have been busy decorating Finleys new bedroom. Its getting there slowly and im sure in a couple of weeks he will be in there. I just have to find a piece of furniture that i have a picture of in my mind but cannot seem to find anything remotely similar in the shops or online!!

For now i leave you with a pic of Finley. I will return soon with pictures of the new bedroom!!
Happy Thrifting x x

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Valentines, thrifting and Cath

Happy Valentines!!

Here are two of my all time favourite vintage postcards that reside on the wall in the fifties kitchen 'gallery'.

The top one is from 1907 and has the address beautifully written on the back. Im not sure of the date on the bottom one as its unclear. I love them though. The fact that they were sent to someone from a loving partner / admirer all of those years ago. I always wonder about the people when i look at them. Did they marry?, Have children? or did nothing ever come of their love? Truly fascinating.

I have managed to do a little thrifting

Roses seem to be a common theme at the moment. The two little rose bud pots £1 for the two, the blue rose cups and saucers are a set of 6 £1.25, and the pretty jug £1.50. CB thinks the cups and saucers are particularly hideous but hey what does he know!!! I love them and am still deciding where to display them.

It has been busy busy in the fifties household this week. I decided that Fin has finally grown out of the smaller bedroom that hes in at the moment and would be better suited in the larger currently spare room. Lots of planning, moving toys etc to follow. I have decided to decorate his new 'big boy' bedroom in the famous Cath Kidston cowboy range.

I intended to paper the whole room in this but as CB kindly pointed out, we spent A LOT of money last year having the room decorated. Luckily its cream. So im going to make some huge framed wall art out of the wallpaper to avoid redecorating the whole room. A new carpet is being fitted on Monday and we are on the hunt for a single bed and a cowboy rug!!! Cowboy curtains and matching duvet set will complete the look along with lots of vintage cowboy stuff!! I love redecorating its fab!!

I also have a little project im working on at the moment, i managed to buy some fantastic fabric on ebay printed with Peter and Jane at the funfair in all their retro glory!! I only bought a FQ so im going to make some small bunting to edge my new shelves. Pics to follow!!

Have a happy Valentines Day,CB is taking me to my favourite turkish restaurant so im looking forward to that!

Happy Thrifting! x

Saturday, 7 February 2009


You know sometimes when you really want something. That ache that you get. Remember when you were small that toy in the toy shop window or when you were a bit bigger, that extravagant outfit or pair of shoes. Well, this week the fifties household has been FULL of wanting. I really wanted Fin to use his potty and fill his reward chart with reward stickers. He really wanted a Diego set that he had seen. We worked together and look what happened!!!

You can gather from the chart the days that we went out. Hes not quite ready for an outing without nappy yet so the days there are few stars are when we have been out. I'm so pleased with him. He was rewarded tonight with his 'want'.

Those of you who have babies will I'm sure, know all about Diego. Apparently, when you are two its the equivalent of a thrifting holy grail::::: Vintage Pyrex, fifties goodies etc...

I rang Clint to remind him to pick this up on his way home and luck have it a bargain, reduced from £25 to £9.99. Clint gave it to Fin and Fin proceeded to tell him for about 15 mins 'Thanks Daddy you are such a good man!!!' I think he liked it!

We start a new chart next week, the reward will be for pulling down pants and trousers and peeing in the potty. Fin has chosen... guess what.. the other Diego set that clips to this one!!!!

We are so proud of you Mr Finley ........... although i am slightly confused.

Conversation approx 3pm Friday:

''Mummy are you from Spain''

''No Finley I'm from England the same as you''

'' If you were Spanish you would live in Spain and speak Spanish. Do you like Spain and Spanish?''

''I love Spain and i would love to speak Spanish''.

FINLEY: ''I will teach you Mummy, don't worry''!!!

This boy is three on July 23rd this year. He amazes (scares) me of what language he understands and knows. BIZARRE!!!!!!!!

Anyhow, here is the object of my desire this week. I cheated. They were an EBay buy but i just had to have them. I love them chips and all

Problem is i have to create a new gallery for these. I am already watching a few on EBay and as i have a little eBay spendo in my 'special account' i feel some 'friends' joining them!!!

I hope you are all OK in the snow, we have about 20 inches here still after 3 days!

Keep warm

Happy Thrifting!!! x x x

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

A new month, a tag and lots of snow!!

I blinked and think i missed it!! Where did January go?? I seem to have been busy and fitted a lot in to the last few weeks and it seems to have flown by. Im glad though as it means that we are creeping ever closer to spring them summer. Hurraaahhhh!!!

Firstly i have been tagged by the lovely Mary Poppins. The rules of the tag are to post the fourth photo from your fourth file. Here it is... China as a pup.

... Im going to pass on this tag to A thrifty Mrs.

I must of course mention the snow. This time it was real snow. The kind of snow from childhood that you could actually play in. We Awoke yesterday to find a very good covering had arrived overnight. Around 8 - 10 inches maybe a little more. Fin was happy as his Nanna was off work due to the school being closed, and he spent the morning playing barbershop playdoh with her!

He also enjoyed the snowy walk we made later in the evening with our wellies on once CB finally made it home. The shop is about 3.5 miles away from home but it took him an hour and a half to get home lastnight as the roads were so terrible.

As we have been confined to the house i decided to try and push on with the potty training. Fully armed with a reward sticker chart. Fin has been doing fantastically, although he doesnt like wearing the pants, not where he should anyway!

Touch wood we have had no accidents on the floor yet and he is very good at using the potty. Next step is venturing out clothed but with no nappy on!! Wish me luck!

I have promised him a treat if he fills his chart with stickers by the end of the week and the object that he seems to have chosen is a 'Go Diego Go' safari set. Looks like im toy shopping at the weekend!

The schools here have been closed again today so Fin has once again enjoyed his Nannas company and they have been making things this afternoon.

I have enjoyed this snowy weather as it has given me the excuse to snuggle at home reading books. My reading has been somewhat thin on the ground of late as i have been crafting instead, but i have enjoyed reading 3 books since Sunday. I love that feeling; once you have got to know the characters and then you cant wait to pick the book up again to find out what happens to them!

I leave you with a picture of the snow remnants in our back garden!

I feel a little crafting coming on, so hopefully i will return with pics of finished projects... i hope!

Oh i must say that if i have not visited / commented on your blog for a while, ive been a little busy with the potty training. Im looking forward to visiting you all soon though and catching up.

Happy Thrifting x