Monday, 18 August 2008

Yellow show and tell!

Continuing the olympic show and tell, today is yellow. I have quite a few yellow bits so here goes. Im not sure which of these i like best. It used to be the Babychams but im always changing my mind, i think thats why i have so much stuff. I can never decide on one thing to collect, i just collect things that i like.

The yellow trio is Midwinter and i got it about 6 years ago from a collectors fair. I really like the tin at the moment. Its to mark the coronation in 1953. Its a bit scratched and bashed but i like things that show their age!

The book is also quite charming. Its a News of the world household almanac from 1956. It has allsorts of articles including, diy, health, recipes, beauty, shopping, holidays etc. I love reading it and the adverts in there are really fascinating aswell. Theres a really interesting question and answer page on air travel. Questions such as: 'is air travel expensive'?, 'How does one book a ticket'?, 'Can one take luggage'?, 'Can children travel by air'?. Its amazing how much things have changed and how far we have come!

I have not been thrifting much recently but yesterday called in to one of my favorite places, Whitemoors antiques centre. Its not really a thrifting place as such as some of the prices are quite high, but if you are after something special its well worth checking them out.

I came away with this lady.

I have wanted one of these for a long time but have never been lucky enough to find one at my usual thrifting haunts. After a lot of sorting through boxes i spotted her. She still has her original earrings in, which is unusual as they normally are missing. She only cost £3 which i thought was a bargain. She has now taken up residence in the dresser and looks lovely in there!
Im not sure what year she is from but would imagine 50's/ 60's, probably a souvenir from a hot faraway destination. Trouble is i think she would look great with a couple of friends so the hunt for these dolls continues!!

On Saturday night we went out to celebrate Rae's 18th birthday and her getting a place a uni. We had a great time and lovely food.

We continued the party at mums with a spot of singing on the 'singstar' game. Fin entertained us all by doing his best Elvis impression. Singing into the microphone with the trademark foot tapping. In the past weeks he has become somewhat obsessed with Elvis! Maybe something to do with his Daddy and Mamma Nesta i think! At two years old im sure that he must be one of the youngest tribute acts out there! He is perfecting his skills gradually by requesting to watch Elvis DVD's day and night. He used to like watching cbeebies but of late has been watching Elvis, the 68 Comeback Special appears to be his favourite! He definitely takes after his Daddy!

Anyhow a mountain of ironing awaits so i must get on.

Happy Thrifting! x


Anonymous said...

Love the Yellow show and tell ,especially the Babycham Bambi's I adore them .I have 2 of them but my miserable partner does not like them so they are hidden away in a cupboard poor things .
Love from sesga x

shabby chic said...

Love the finds and the little lady too she is very cute!. I love unusual quirky things. Its hard to resist buying somethings x

Anonymous said...

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Kitschen Pink said...

that midwinter trio looks delicious! t.x

Anonymous said...