Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Lovely things!!

After a week full of problems with various things, i thought i would begin this post on a positive note. First of all would like to say a massive thankyou to 'Sootypea' from the Shabbychic forum who has kindly sent me one of the elusive Cath Kidston Tesco bags. These are supposed to be for sale in all Tesco's however after paying a visit to our local Mr T's, once again, and asking if they have any, the staff once again no nothing about them! Thanks Sooty.
I dont know what it is but i just HAVE to have them! Not only are they gorgeous to look at but they are also ideal for various uses. Especially as 'thrifting' bags. An ideal size and super strong, to hold your finds at the car boot sale. Just got to get my hands on a stripey one now and i will have the full set to date. Although two more are being released this year so the hunt will continue!!
Yesterday the postie arrived with goodies.

The red one is a tea towel and the other an apron. Both 1950's of course. I love the colours of them they are so cheery and so fifties. The stitching on the apron says 'Toucan wash up.' They will look great with my other fifties aprons and teatowels if only i can think of a clever way to display them. Im running out of space in my kitchen and am racking my brains to find them a home. If any of you have any ideas please let me know!

Yesterday i visited the market and found some lovely ribbons and crafty bits and bobs. I dont know what i will make with them yet, probably some cushion covers for the caravan, but i can never resist ribbons and buttons!

On a more serious note this week and a warning to all of you other dog owners, i must tell you what happened on Monday.

This little girl was following me around whilst i was cleaning (as she always does). She spotted a wasp and sniffed it. The wasp then stung her on her cheek several times and embedded itself in her cheek. Eventually i managed to pull it out. The area was swollen and bleeding but she didnt seem too bad. Literally 10 minutes later she was laying on the floor and having what i can only describe as a fit. She was shaking violently and frothing at the mouth. After a frantic rush to the vets she was given a jab of adrenalin and was fine. Very frightening and very worrying. The vet said that she had an allergic reaction to the wasp venom and that she could have died within an hour. I am so thankful that i actually saw the wasp sting her. If she had been outside on her own i dread to think what could have happened. Apparently wasps are more aggressive at this time of year so sting more frequently. I will certainly be keeping a look out for those horrible wasps.

Thankfully she is on the mend now. Still not quite herself but getting there. Lots of cuddles in order i think.

Anyway a heap of cleaning, washing and ironing awaits so bye for now.

Happy Thrifting. x


shabby chic said...

Hi they are lovely the Cath Kidston eco bags especially the price!.
That was so lucky that you got to the vets, and lucky you saw it happen as otherwise you would have been wondering what happened .
x Dom

LittleGem said...

Hi fiftiesgirl!
I completely agree about the CK bags - just gotta have them!
I thought I'd lead you in the direction of this post by Vintage Pleasure about displaying vintage aprons :
hope that gives you an idea!
xx LittleGem (SCForum) xx

Elaine said...

Your poor baby dog, I hope she feels better soon. Wasps are so nasty, grrr!!!!!

Love and blessings

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Anonymous said...

I have some of those bags ,They are really hard to get .If I happen to see some stripey ones I will try and get you one .
Poor dog its really lucky you saw the wasp or you wouldn't have been able to tell the vet what had happened .I hope she gets better soon .You'll have to get some of that stuff backers venom cleanser in case she get stung again .

Love from sesga xx