Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Makeovers and waiting!!

Its been a busy few weeks in the fifties household.

With just a few weeks to go before the new arrival is due, i decided as you do, that a new living room was on the cards. So two weeks followed of no skirting boards, bare plaster and no flooring. It was all worth it though as i finally got to use my very favourite Sanderson wallpaper!

I wanted a modern but retro feel to the room and i think the wallpaper gives it just that.

CB was a little reluctant about the wallpaper and wall colour, with it being so bold, but now he is pleased with the result. I really wanted to get away from the boring brown and cream that it was before.

One of my favourite things in the room is the new rug. The pictures dont really show it but its a really unusual texture, really soft but almost grass like.

I love relaxing in there at night as its so cosy, and Fin loves the new floor as his cars go really fast on there now that the carpet is gone!

We have also finished the nursery

Im really pleased with it as its lovely and girly.

Im also pleased with the cot bedding as i made it myself!! I couldnt find what i wanted in the shops so i bought the fabric and made it. Its the biggest thing that i have made with my machine and im really pleased with it.

So now we are just waiting for our little girl to arrive. Still not 100% sure on names so the debate continues!

Take care happy thrifting! x x