Saturday, 16 August 2008

Smarty Pants and red olympics!!!

See this smartypants girl???
Shes just got herself a place at uni!!! Going to be studying Accountancy!!!
We are sisters. We both did exams, only one of us took A levels and passed. Miss Rae this post is dedicated to you. You are the cleverest person we know and we love you very much.
Kyle, we love you also, you are gorgeous too x x x

Good luck to you at Uni, we will miss you like crazy but will be very proud that you are there.

You are our one special girl.

We love you soooooooooooooo much (as fin would say)!!! Dont 4get about us.

You are gorgeous and clever and we are lucky to have you hunny!! x x x x x x x x x x x x x x


I love red. It makes you happy. It makes you mad and Happy Mixed with blue and pink is gorgeous and happy. Olympic show and tell : RED:

Red spot Winton wear (yes Winton and not Minton!!). Red Beeko cake cases. They are still in there. 21 of them from (i think 1954) I Dont want to take them out to check!, Red rose tea set, oh so fifties, oh so gorgeous.
Just love it all!!
Do any of you have a Shar Pei???? Any advice on skin and allergies would very much be appreciated at this time!!!

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shabby chic said...

Congratulations to your sister, I bet you are all very proud. Between me & my older sis she was the one who done well at exams and studying. I was more interested in what colour lipstick I was wearing!( I wish I could go back in time and I would have worked harder!!)
Love the teasets