Monday, 15 September 2008

Bucket heads and ear dragging!

Yes just a usual day in the fifties household. Finley discovers a new use for the sticklebrick bucket. Not just a bucket but apparently also a dancing head bucket. Translation: You must put the bucket on your head whilst singing 'Corrina Corrina' and shaking your booty as fast as you can. Note: Do Not stand still for even a second, Mum might take your photo and put it on her blog for all to see. Blurriness = Anonymity. If all else fails push the bucket further down over your face. Never fails!

No not a dead dog, an ear dragging Shar Pei! For those of you who are not Shar Pei owners, heres the deal. Shar Pei's are not dogs they are a species of their own. They are completely different from every other bred of dog. ( I could go on!!) Extremely high maintenance and highly sensitive they will love you forever and be loyal forever. Originally bred as Chinese fighting dogs, they have come a long way. I may be Fiftiesgirl but one thing i don't like about the fifities is the fact that the Chinese decided to eat these beautiful creatures. They became a delicacy at first but then staple diet. Can you imagine eating your dog!!

Their skin is known as too big for them, the idea being that in the fighting ring when bitten, they could easily shake off their competitor. The so called 'meatmouth' (the gorgeous cheeks that i love to squeeze) was so that it was hard for competitor to bite the face and that the Shar Pei had a bigger bite. The ears are also quite strange. Almost sealed down to the face. Also in the ring less for the opponent to grab. Downside is now that these little gorgeous ears let no air into them what so ever, meaning the dog is plagued with ear problems if not correctly cleaned once a week. This weekly ritual becomes no easier each week and missy hates it more and more each time. Once a week i squirt the cleaner into each ear, once a week she tries to run away. Once a week she realises she cant get away so once a week she tolerates it. Then when its done she licks my cheek, shakes her head, sprays everyone and everything in the room with ear drops. Then for 10 minutes she does the funniest thing ever. She puts her ear on the carpet and runs in a circle. This continues until she is so dizzy that when she stands up she falls over!

How we love you China Belle.

Her full name is also quite amusing: Ula Punto Princess China Belle.

Ula: Her mothers kennel affix

Punto: She was born in a Punto on the way to the vets

China: Because we couldn't agree on a name. I wanted to call her Betty or Dolly but CB not so keen! We opted for something so cliche that its actually unusual. No-one surely would call their Chinese Shar Pei 'China'. Yes. We did. !

Princess: Because she is

Belle: Because she is beautiful!

So there you have it. Everything you never wanted to now about the Shar Pei. May i also add. She is the most fantastic, intelligent, stubborn, mind of her own, loyal, guard dog, warm water bottle snuggle, loving companion that i have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She is a treat to spend your day with and she is a mysterious lady who i hope will be with us for a long time.

Love you missy x

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MelMel said...

Hello...was just being nosey on some blogs and then spoted yours...we both love the king!!! yippee!!
I used to go out with a small time Elvis ex.....damn he was good!

I also used to go see Steve preston loads.....rock n roll 4ever!!!!!!
My name is Michelle mum wanted to call me lisa marie but.....ppl talked her out of it!!
My nickname is Mel!