Saturday, 13 September 2008

The fridge has arrived!!!

Who would think that anyone could get so excited about an everyday item such as a fridge! I have however been without such a luxury since 26th August!! I am now going to do a huge shop of chilled and frozen goodies and enjoy the commodity!!
I must now say Happy Birthday to Jim!! We are going to the caravan to celebrate his birthday tonight, no doubt with lots of karaoke, Elvis of course!

I have made my craziest cake to date for Jim.

Dont think you can get the full extent of it from the picture but i have named it the Elvis quiz cake. There are 17 hidden Elvis songs on this cake. The easiest one being American Trilogy, the three flags. If you get the idea!! Im not terribly good at drawing though so the rest of the clues drawn with the food colouring pens are a little less easy to fathom out. He first has to decipher my scrawl!! Should provide amusement though!!

I am really looking forward to tonight as the little man is staying at his Nanna's house allowing us grown ups to party into the wee small hours! The sun has also been out here today so has hopefully dried up some of the mud on the caravan site. If all else fails i will be sporting my multicoloured wellies. Great for mud but not so good for dancing!

I always aim to look glamorous when i set off to the van, but somehow after 10 minutes, with hair stuck to lipgloss, mud over clothes, i give up. I then retreat to my faithful black hoodie. When it gets that bad i can pull the hood up so as not to scare any young children in the vicinity!

Hoping the sun stays with us tomorrow as there is a boot sale on the way home tomorrow that i may just have to pay a visit to. CB permitting!!

Hope you have a great weekend, i shall return soon with campsite tales!

Happy Thrifting! x x x


second wind said...

What a clever idea with the cake. Hope you have a great evening sans littlies!

Jennie said...

Congratulations on your new fridge!!
Love the cake and happy belated birthday to Jim!