Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Winter has arrived!

After a non-existent summer and non stop rain, i have now resigned myself to the fact that winter is here. I have tested the central heating and it still works!!

I have been buying wooly jumpers for us and packing away summer clothes.

Although i love the summer, i also love the autumn and winter. Snuggling under cosy fleece blankets, chunky wooly scarves and jumpers, and best of all a lovely fire.
At present we have a hideous electric fire that came with the house. We are however hopefully changing it to one of these

Hopefully it will conform to our plan of heating the water and the house and in a bid to beat the rising costs of fuel, we will hopefully have a cosy house this winter!

Not much else to blog about really. Lots of sorting and cleaning for the winter. I am waiting for the rain to stop to pack away the waterlogged ball pool and bouncy castle that are sat in my garden.

I am also hoping to pick some blackberries this week and i am aiming to make a batch of blackberry and apple jam. With all of this cold wet weather i have been inspired to cook winter inspired comfort foods. Pies, stews and soup are all on the menu this week.

I have also bought 3 Christmas presents this week! I am aiming to be organised this year and hopefully by the time December arrives i will have Christmas sorted. Thats the plan anyway!

So after this winter inspired post i will sign off and carry on with some sewing. Holes to mend and buttons to replace!

Happy Thrifting x


Elaine said...

\love the picture of the fire FG, made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Well done on the Christmas shopping too.

Love and blessings

ps. We have a sale on Saturday if you'd like to come xxx

Elaine said...

A quick ps.

There is a giveaway on the SCcafe that you might be interested in.

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE that kind of weather right now. It is still 90 + degrees F where we are in Fallbrook, CA. Too hot for unpacking boxes. I am closing my eyes and thinking of how fun it will be to make be cold and make soup and muffins for dinner. Thank you for reminding me of what is soon to come. Love, Kristin

Anonymous said...