Thursday, 11 September 2008

Going potty!!!!

No not me, Finley!!

Yesterday Finley used the potty for the first time hoorah!!! I have not been pushing him as im a firm believer that children progress when they are ready, and sure enough he has. To date we have had one little accident on the floor but i would say that is pretty good going for a just turned two year old!!!

He has been to the childminder today for the second time ever. After being at home with him since he was born i was a little apprehensive about leaving him as he has spent so much time at home with me. Its only for 5 hours a week on a Thursday so that i can spend time in the office doing paperwork for Mr Taxman! Despite my reservations he thoroughly enjoys it. He talks about it all week and kisses me goodbye when i drop him off. Thank heavens there are no tears that would just be too much to bear! When i go to collect him he tells me that hes staying there and says bye to me in the hope that i will leave him there a little longer!!

No thrifting finds to report as the car boot season here has been well and truly rained off for this year. Oh how i will miss my Thursday boot sales. The anticipation of what you might find, the joy of finding that treasure, the excitement of the haggle, and the long walk home; thrifting bag laden with goodies and head full of thoughts of where to put my ever growing collections!! Finley has also become quite good at thrfting this year. His eyes are peeled for action men. He has even realised to look low for action men as they are usually in boxes on the floor under the tables. When he spots them he shouts 'actionman' at the top of his voice in a bingo fashion!! I dont know what i am going to do all winter with no thrifting fix. The charity shops around here are hopeless. Anything half decent costs more than it would have done when it was brand new, and any vintage goodies are priced higher than they would be at an antiques fair. I am craving looking at old things already and we are still in September!

I still also have those all important 'wants' that i NEEEEEED to find. Things that i have been looking out for all year but still not managed to find!

I would love to find a kewpie doll. I have found a new love for these dolls but have never been lucky enough to find one. I could get one from ebay but i always feel like ive cheated when i use ebay. Typing the name of an item that you want; then clicking to buy is nowhere near as satisfying as hunting down that special item and buying it for a bargain price.
The hunt continues!

Take care Happy Thrifting. x


The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Doesn't that just kill ya, you think they'll be miserable without you and they want to stay longer! ;o) But that just means you've done a good job raising a confident child.

I know what you mean about needing to go thrifting! I hate it when I get rained out, feel restless and grumpy. But the sun WILL shine again!

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

I couldn`t agree with you more!

I too will miss my outdoor car boot... so now, I`m relying on an indoor one... which as less stalls...(not as much FUN)!
By the way... your gorgeous little boy is doing so well with the potty trainning!
I have been "there" 3 times and I know how hard work and stressful it can be!

By the way, thanks so much for your lovely comment.... I hope to be able to speak to you again, soon!
Debbie Moss

Have A Lovey Weekend!

claire said...

woo hoo! for the potty progress-well done finlay x My 3yr old started nursery last wk - so unphased in a not looking back 'yeah see ya mum' kind of way!!!
Charity shops round here are hideously overpriced too - latest thing is write Retro on a card put it in front charge £7.50!!

Elaine said...

Well done Finlay. And you too, it's a big step leaving our littlies for the first time.

I love Kewpie dolls too, I had some years ago and think there might be a couple still in the loft.

Love and blessings

Jennie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!! I love yours! I shall definitely be back!
I think our boot sales will be closing soon as the weather is so miserable now. I love thrifting in charity shops though. I always wanted a kewpie doll and have been tempted by ebay many times ;)