Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Long time no blog!!

Where did September go?? It was here one minute and gone the next.

Since my last post i have been extremely busy. Paperwork, sorting, cleaning, playing, baking, shopping etc etc. I have managed to go thrifting twice since my last post and have had some lovely finds. I cannot however post pics at the moment as my camera has run out of batteries. Must get more tomorrow! I also have a cold and am extremely tired which doesnt help. A mountain of things to do but i just want to be all snuggled in my bed here.

I have also been relearning how to knit. I have learnt how to long tail cast on and have since been knitting a practice piece to get me back into the swing of it. My hands have been aching and the knitting doesnt seem to be growing much!

I have also bought a crochet hook and intend to master this too. Tonight will be spent with a hot chocolate, crochet hook and yarn and a youtube tutorial entitled 'how to crochet'!

I have also been very busy with another project of late but cannot divulge at the moment as i do not want to jinx it. Watch this space!

Halloween preparations are now in full swing and im looking forward to the annual event that sees me making blood clot and pus jelly, cheesy feet and graveyard cake, courtesy of Nigella,

We also have a serious amount of halloween decorations and have of course been buying new even scarier ones for this year.

I also thought i should tell you about a spooky meeting that we had down to China!

China has a skin allergy so we decided to take her to the Shar Pei specialist vet in Chesterfield, about a 45min drive from here.

Whilst in the waiting room we got talking to a man who had a gorgeous Shar Pei with him. Anyway it turned out that he knew my Auntie (who breeds bulldogs) really well. I told him that i will be looking for a stud dog for China in the future and we talked about his stud dogs. After some chatting i realised that Chinas dad was a stud dog from his kennels and i rang Kim (Chinas breeder) to ask her the name of the dog. She told me the dogs name and it was the dog that Pete (the man!) had with him!!! It really was bizarre. What were the chances of him being there with that dog on the same day and the same time as us!! He has kindly invited us to his home to see the dogs and i am very much looking forward to going!! If you love wrinkly dogs you can visit Pete's website here. But be warned SERIOUSLY CUTE DOGS!!
China has been taking her meds and we are now seeing an improvement.

I must go now as i have dinner on the go and a coal fire to light.

Take care happy thrifting. x


MaryPoppins said...
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MaryPoppins said...

Apologies spelling rubbish in first post LOL

I have given you an award :)

Anonymous said...

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sharie said...

LOL, we always meet people at our Vets. Meeting your girls sire there is unsual and Im sure that gentleman will be able to give you some good advice on breeding your girl.
We might have a litter due at the end of November but not your breed!