Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Christmas panic!!!

I may not be around much in the next few days as the panic has finally set in!! I have to do my Christmas shopping.

This year it seems that the panic has set in more than ever.

This year will be the first year that Finley will understand Christmas i think. Last year he was only 1 and didnt really understand opening presents. He would open one then be quite happy to play with that for the rest of the day. He didnt understand that there were more presents containing more toys!

This year is a different story. He tells me what he would like, what colour it should be and how many of them he would like. His favourite time for doing this is the ad breaks on the Nick Jr channel, and what a lot of them there are. I begin to dread the adverts coming on as i know the converstation that will follow:

''I like it Mummy''

''Yes its nice isn't it''

''Get it please Mummy''

''We will ask Santa for it''

''No, dont like wait Santa, want it now''

''We will ask Santa for it IF you are good''


I guess this is why its called the terrible two's!!

I think i know where he is coming from though. Can you all remember when you were younger, asking for something perhaps in late October onwards, the response was: ''We will see what Santa brings''. I didnt like waiting for Santa either! That feeling of anticipation and hoping that 'Santa' didnt forget to bring it!

So tomorrow, footloose and toddler free (he's at the childminders!), I will be buying as many Christmas presents as time and funds permit! No pushchair to load with bags though so will miss that, but wont miss the waiting for lifts, and trying to squeeze myself and said buggy around the shops without damage or injury to myself or others!!

Im hoping those much wanted 'must have' toys have not yet sold out and that i can return home laden with gifts! We will see.

I also notice that Laura Ashley have a 25% off sale starting tomorrow!! I may venture in to buy a few pressies for people and see if there is anything to treat myself too. But Shhhhhhh dont tell anyone!

So heres to preparing for a perfect, stress free, Christmas.

Just off to Tesco's now. Fingers crossed they have the latest, much sought after Christmas themed CK bag. You know to carry my shopping in tomorrow!

Take Care, Happy Christmas Thrifting x x


Country Bliss said...

Oh I have one of those at home too she's 2 1/2 and keeps trying to raid the advent calenders. You can't sneakily buy things, when their around, either as they don't miss anything!
Yvonne x

thriftymrs said...

Good luck with getting all your Christmas stuff done and dusted.

MelMel said...

Have fun at the sale, we are going tomorrow night to the trafford centre.....LA and Cath sister and i can't wait! yippee!