Friday, 28 November 2008

Feeling Festive!

We have been getting into the festive spirit today by putting up our decorations!

A little early i know, as i would usually do it this weekend however im going to be busy!

We have two trees in the fifties household. Every year i think that i might only put one up, but i have such a problem deciding which to leave in the box that i end up with both on display.

Im not sure which is my favourite. The white one is quite modern in style with just black white and silver decorations. The black one however is filled with my treasure. I love my tree decorations and have been collecting them and treasuring them over the past few years. Im aiming for them to become family heirlooms one day!

I love the white tree as its quite elegant and simple but i think that i do prefer the black one.

I like that there is a lot going on in it! Little treasures hidden here and there amongst the baubles.

Here a few of my favourites!

What do you have on your tree?

Continuing the festive feel i have made some Christmas inspired bunting for my kitchen! Im quite pleased with how it has turned out. I made it from felt. Just cut the shapes out and then sewed buttons and ribbons on to the trees and gingerbread men and then stitched them on to a length of ribbon. It brightens up a normally dull corner in the kitchen.

I have some other festive creations in mind that im hoping to have the time to make this week, toddler permitting!

I must sign off now as i have dinner to make.

Take care Happy Thrifting x


MaryPoppins said...

What lovely trees, I love the feathers :)

I am yet to decide what colours I am going for, as no where is really decorated, at least i have no colours to match it to LOL

The thrift book is rather a good read yes and as from Amazon not too expensive :)

Have a nice weekend X

Lace hearts said...

Wow, your blog is so Christmas-ey, how lovely.
Thank you for your lovely comment on my sewing post - I know exactly what you mean. I often struggle to cut into a new piece of fabric, because I am so scared I'll make a hash of it! Silly, isn't it! But the bunting looks terrific. x