Monday, 8 December 2008

I am Gretel.........

..... As in Hansel and Gretel!!

I now have a gingerbread house.

I have always dreamt of one day owning a 'chocolate box' cottage in a truly charming village somewhere not too far away from here. Now i have one!! Ok not quite livable but charming nonetheless!
Since Mum got me the ikea £1.50 gingerbreadhouse, I am now the lucky owner of my dream house. A charming snow covered cottage!! See me skating on the frozen pond in my tu-tu??

Yes it is a little cold to be wearing such brief attire i must come in now!

I am very pleased with my gingerbread house and i have another to make for Christmas, this was the practice one. I decorated it with one of those sweetie bracelets. On the instructions it was done with smarties but in true Fiftiesgirl / shabbychic style i think the pastel colours compliment it a treat. Have you noticed the marshmallow smoke coming from the chimney?? Its eco- friendly!

This was a great kit however i fear i have committed the cardinal sin of melting sugar in your best saucepan! (sugar is what is used to stick it all together). Instead of scraping the oozy gloopy melted sugar into the bin whilst still oozy and gloopy, when finished, i'm now left with this mess and conundrum!! In the excitement of showing off the finished Fifties cottage to CB i have left the melting sugar to go hard in the pan. Then, in a moment of total random stupidity i poured cold water on it- result- one ruined pan!!!

I also pulled the brush out of it with all of my might. Resulting in hair glued forever to the pan and a bald brush!!

Note to self- Do NOT get carried away again no matter how excited you are over finished project.

At this moment in time i'm thinking, take pan out of water, allow to drain, heat sugar to boiling point, tip in bin, scrub pan, wash in sink, dry, put away, DONE!!!! or DUMB!

If the cap fits and all that!!!

Anyhow i hope that you are liking the tunes. Ive added some of my favourite music to try and make my blog more personal. Sorry if its not to your taste but i'm sure you have a volume button if not!!!

Further to my last post i did not complete my Christmas shopping on Thursday. CB had a hospital appointment and was a little worse for wear afterwards which resulted in us heading home earlier than planned. Ho hum there's a little time yet!

Saturday night we were blessed with a visit from Mamma Nesta and Grandad Col-Col ( SEE NESTA I TOLD YOU THAT YOU WOULD BE MENTIONED AGAIN SOON IN FG BLOGLAND!!!!) She is so organised ( Nesta is CB's mum!!) that she bought all of our Christmas presents over and they are now in my spare room!!! As I type this i am resisting the urge to open my pressie. They have given me a 'Car boot in a box'. IM SOOOOOOOOO excited. Only Ness would know my ideal pressie and she has given it to me this year. The box is enormous and full of treasure so i'm very excited to open it!!! Only problem is that i feel a set of shelves is due to provide a home for my ever growing collection ..... are you reading this CB??????. (Above the window is looking promising!!!)

I must also mention yesterdays magical mystery tour. We left here yesterday in our car clothes i.e.: expecting to be kept warm via heaters for the duration. Not wrapped for the elements. We went to the local farm and stocked up on our log quota for the week and a bit of veg for our Sunday Lunch. We then went to get Diesel. CB then decided that we would be embarking on a long journey to who knows where!!! 2 hours later we had our car parked in Lincoln and were walking around the Christmas market.

What an absolutely charming place to visit. The market was lovely but i was more intrigued with the shops.Little shabby shops selling Bridgewater and Cath!! Shabby Heaven!!! THEN to my delight i found an antiques shop. Yes, my radar was working and didn't let me down!! Two floors of FG heaven. Vintage Linen, jewellery, crockery, porcelain, OMG i could have been there all day. Finley took a liking to the owner of the shop and they chatted a while. We then walked down the cobbled street back to the car. I have never been to Lincoln before but it certainly left its mark with me. I liked it better than Bath and told CB we should relocate NOW!! Once home after 2 and a half hours drive ( the traffic was horrendous), i proceeded to search 'rightmove' for my dream home in Lincoln. It didn't take me long. I found one for my lottery win, a million pounds of course, just down the road from the city, and one for my 'real' life. A beautiful 4 bed edwardian townhouse within walking distance of the castle and cathedral. In the words of JLS on Saturday night i'm 'Already there' !! My furniture has been moved in, the walls have been painted and the tree is up! Just a FEW loose ends to tie up here!!!

Mamma you would have loved it (see that's twice now. You are almost famous!! ALMOST!!)

I will take you next time you will love it. x

If you have made it to the end of this post then well done. I'm rambling now!!!

Take Care Happy Thrifting x x x


MelMel said...

Love the gingerbread house, my sister bought them lasy yr, then never made them and finally fed it all to the birds!
She had great plans of presenting them on Xmas day as gifts! bless her!
Have a good day!x

thriftymrs said...

I didn't know that Ikea did them! I shall have to check them out.

Jennie said...

Oh I love gingerbread houses and four years ago I got the tins to make one. Have I yet?! Nooo, but I am determined too this year!
Yours looks lovely.

MaryPoppins said...

Come on it was all worth it :)
The Gingerbread House is adorable, I would throw two pans in the bin to have such a delightful little Gingerbread House

Ohooo i wonder what your present is