Saturday, 13 December 2008


Friday. We planned it all week. The CB will have the day off (two staff drafted in to cover.) I got up as usual, pottered around cleaning for an hour. 9 am : NO ELECTRICITY!!!!!!

A phone call later to EON ; who we pay £200 pounds per month to.........''oh yes, you have work on that circuit.... it will maybe be on at 1.30 but maybe not!!!!

Well ok. I have to wash and dry my hair. Sometimes owning a salon has its perks. A wash and blow dry later im looking like some kind of human!!!

Today we have been shopping all day with mum. My lovely sister Sarah came with us. Mum was really proud, she bought 3 presents, food for 6 for tonight and less than £35 in Asda. Back home food on the go......... NO POWER. 5 FIREMEN 1 FIRE ENGINE 1 RUINED DINNER.... X FACTOR FINAL!!!!! The underground cable had caught fire. Flames coming from the pavement!!! Luckily she lives 150 yrds from me and on a different circuit. We shared our power and got take out. Food ruined though. A lovely evening although not planned, very much welcome!!!

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