Wednesday, 10 December 2008


Sometimes in life we dont look hard enough. As the saying goes; we dont see the wood for the trees. Sometimes things are more than what we see and most times we dont see it. We dont have time to stop and think for that extra moment that perhaps might bring us comfort in hard times and understanding in bad.
Sometimes there is just more.
Sometimes we find more. Those small insignificant things suddenly seem relevant. Not always at the time but maybe a little later. We can take comfort and strength.

I bought this piece of beautiful embroidery back in the summer. I just liked it. The work that has gone into it, the person that spent hours stitching it and the reason it was for sale on a house clearance stall somewhat intrigue me.
I also like the story that led to me purchasing it!
I have a favourite seller on a local car boot sale. He does house clearance. We have an understanding now. He knows my need for ANYTHING fifties style/ my style!! He keeps it for me then i pay him. Great. Just as an understanding should be. I spotted this way back when the days were hot, sorry i meant rainy, and our base for the weekend was the retro caravan, (Summer).
He wanted £15 for it. Not a lot considering the work but i dont call it thrifting for nothing!!
Week after week it would still be there and each week he would lower the price. I gave in at £3 and its now mine!!!
Its now happily housed in a frame, waiting to be hung in a prime spot in the 'gallery' (kitchen wall)!!
It now means so much more. The words and meaning become clearer everyday.
'April showers bring forth May flowers.'
When we sat around the table at lunchtime today, after laying Grandad in his final resting place, Auntie Vicky, Auntie Alison, Kezia, Mum, Fin and I, those words could not have meant more and been more apt. There were no April showers only May flowers.
April showers are terrible, but somewhere at the end of it; flowers do bloom....... if you let them.
Take care Happy thrifting x


MaryPoppins said...

Ohooo what beautiful and precious words.

Sometimes all I see are the showers Our Precious Little One who wont be with us at Cristmas, but you are right, flowers shall bloom the sun shall shine and he shall be with us in our hearts on Christmas Day, and we shall rejoice in the memories we have of him

Thank you for sharing your lovely words



sharie said...

What a lovely post. I've never thought of those words in that context - I always thought of it as a childrens rhyme but now I can see the wisdom of the words...
thanks for posting it

thriftymrs said...

I love that saying, I have a mug with it on the front.

Thanks for sharing.

MelMel said...

I've never heard or seen that before......
Thank you for doing such a touching post....x