Saturday, 3 January 2009


Its been and gone for another year.

Christmas came and went and from preparations to parties its been a blast.

Presents were opened and opened and opened!!!

(This picture was round one of five!!!)

Delicious food with family on Christmas day.

I recieved a great pressie from Mum and dad; a brand new top of the range sewing machine, which i cant wait to use! Also a fantastic pressie from Mamma and ColCol. Remember the car boot in a box.... it deserves a post of its own so i will blog about it later!! Beautiful perfume from CB that i had wanted for an age but could never justify buying for myself. Then boxing day saw the dreaded big 4. 0. for CB. The day was spent singing karaoke as CB's friend does professional karaoke and lent us his system for 3 days!!! I dont think there was a song that wasnt sung. One of the highlights was surely Mamma and I singing These boots are made for walking!! I told Simon Cowell to go back home and how rude that he disturbed us on Boxing Day!!! Mamma and Grandad Col-col joined us all day on boxing day and we had such a great time, although after cooking Christmas dinner for 9 then catering for a party on boxing day, i did feel that i would never get off the merry go round of cooking and cleaning that was Christmas!! Everyday i would clean the house ready for guests, cook food then party. Only to do it all again the next day. It was well worth it though and would do it all again. This Christmas has really been one of the best ever. Memories were made for sure!

The last picture is one of my favourites of Christmas. It shows Mamma, CB and Ben. Her eldest son CB. 40 years old. Her youngest son Ben 18. She also has 3 other sons inbetween and two others that she has inherited!! And she doesnt look a day over 21!!!

Another highlight of Christmas was visiting Auntie Vicky and the gorgeous bulldog pups!!

How could you not fall in love with these beautiful puppies!!

7 of them in total. All absolutely adorable. Finley loved them and has not stopped talking about them since. ''I want one of those Mummy', appears to be a common phrase regarding the subject. My response is of course ''So do I''. CB i hope you are listening!!!! x x

New year bought a trip to the caravan, and luckily for us in these sub zero temperatures we managed to stay in the Bed and breakfast instead of the caravan. We did not fancy winding the legs down and setting up in this weather!!!! A fantastic night dancing in the barn at the disco. Truly magical! x

2008 bought many things to be grateful for. A caravan, a new pet, a kitchen makeover, lots of thrifted treasure and many many happy memories. I must however mention the not so good memories of 2008.

Dob, Auntie Linda, Grandad and great Grandad Bartlett, were all taken from us in 2008.

You may all be gone but you will never be forgotten. RIP we love you all x x x x x x x x x

Heres to a happy 2009 and looking forward to whatever it may bring!!!

Happy thrifting 2009 x x x x


thriftymrs said...

It looks and sounds like you had a terrific time.
Happy 2009.

Elaine said...

Lovely post FG, hope 2009 bring much happiness with it too.

Love and blessings

Lace hearts said...

What a lovely post - can't wait to see the car boot pressie. It sounds like you had a real blast. Good fun on the kaoroke as well. Ooops, can't spell that! ;-) x

MaryPoppins said...

Thank for the uplifting words, I feel much better, amazing what a good magazine and a cup of tea can do :)

Lovely photographs too you all look so happy :)