Monday, 12 January 2009


Just a quick post today as i have a million and one things that i SHOULD be doing. Cleaning, tidying and sorting are the order of the day but i just cant seem to get motivated and keep getting distracted. Pretty blogs to look at, fifties magazines and books in the dresser and my new sewing machine. These things all seem far more attractive to me today than a hoover, polish and duster! I must say that generally i do like cleaning. I like the feeling when everything is in the place where it belongs and the house smells fresh and clean. It makes me feel on edge when things aren't quite right.
So now im off to tackle the house. Ive promised myself a couple of hours on the sewing machine this afternoon if i can get all of my jobs done!
Happy thrifting. x


thriftymrs said...

There are far too many distractions in this world. At this very second I should be either setting up some work meetings or sorting out some washing, as you can see I'm doing neither.
There are far too many pretty things to look out, meaning my house can't be pretty!

MaryPoppins said...

Good luck with the cleaning, yes I agree too, far too many lovely distractions, your blog being one of them :)


Shabby Chick said...

Hi, thanks for coming by my blog :) I get easily distracted too, especially when you know that your tidying up is soon going to be spoilt by little people!

I love your Keep Calm poster, so gorgeous, and those ribbons you bought are lovely (can you tell I've been having a good read through your blog?).

Mel xxx

The Vintage Kitten said...

I should be doing a 101 other things, yet Im blogging. Ive considered deleting mine then I might not blog as much but I would still sit for hours 'nosing' at everyones pretty houses and things. Ive certainly enjoyed (nosing) looking at yours!

gingerwine said...

oooo what a lovely blog! I am on a serious mission to find all the sweetest blogs I can!

I Love cleaning also - and seem to be cleaning all the time - its such a pain when the sun shines in and there is dust every where!
Sam x

sharie said...

Yep, put it off! That is me. I think I have an attention span problem or something.

Did you get your cleaning done?