Saturday, 10 January 2009

Birthday carpet and pretty things!

I must first say thanks to CB who arranged an early birthday treat in the form of bedroom carpet. Very much needed and appreciated. Thankyou!! After having horrible thin brown carpet in our bedroom for the past 18 months, its such a luxury to have lovely thick cream carpet!!

Im also looking forward to my other birthday treat which is a stay in Uppingham in a nice hotel. Im looking forward to the two of us having a child free meal, a few gin and tonics, a peaceful nights sleep and a leisurely spot of thrifting the following day. Roll on next saturday!!!!

I did a spot of charity shop thrifting yesterday and managed to get these lovely glasses in a box for £2.50. I of course dont need them but such thrifty loveliness cannot be left behind!!

We have had a busy week in fifties household. CB has now created a lovely place for his birthday present from his mum and Colin. Here it is in all of its glory.

Vintage vinyl has been playing in the kitchen since it arrived. We love it so thankyou Mamma and Col-Col, it looks great and sounds great too. Only trouble is you have given me another obsession to thrift for. Vintage records!! Luckily these can be picked up for a few pence!

Remember i mentioned my Christmas present from Mamma that was a carboot in a box?? Here a just a few of the treasures that were in there. A gorgeous Arthur Woods jug

Gorgeous little sugar bowl and eggcup

A very much desired fifties magazine rack.

There was also vintage pyrex, bone handled cutlery, lace tablecloth, retro eggcups and tupperware! I love, love, love it all thankyou sooooo much!!
Only problem is i think that my dresser is full to bursting of all of the new treasures that seem to be appearing week by week. I have arranged and rearranged it on more than one occasion this week. I feel some new storage is required in the fifties kitchen!!

Happy Thrifting! x x


Rosesposes said...

Hi the bedroom looks lovely, its nice when carpet is new. It feels all soft to walk on. I love your goodies. I love rearranging my dresser, sometimes I go and streamline everything when I feel its getting too full!or bits are falling out x Dom

thriftymrs said...

Ooh lovely things, lovely, lovely, lovely. V jealous. ;)

gingerwine said...

Ooooooo i could look at blogs all day! I love all your vintage bits and pieces! Samx

indoor outdoor carpet said...

just delightful!