Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Collecting collections!!!

Someone asked me what i collect. What do i collect? Im not quite sure!!

I dont know what it is but i just cant collect one thing.

I like to buy things that i find beautiful but also useful. This pyrex fits the bill perfectly. Trouble is there are so many designs, then so many variations in colours too.

Recently i picked up two vintage glass candleholders. Then looked what happened.

As soon as i bring something home it seems to be swiftly followed by similar items. I cant just have one of anything. Im sure there must be a name for this problem! Perhaps obsessive collecting disorder??!!! Do any of you suffer from this too???

You may remember that i posted about the huge amount of postcards that i bought. I have now started to sell the ones that are not in the style that i 'collect'. There are 717 in total to sell. I have sold 3 so far and bought 31 more from ebay that i just HAD to have.

In a effort to streamline my collections im now going to draw up a list of what i collect and stick to it!! No more new collections!!

So here goes:

Anything Fifties

Vintage books

Vintage pyrex

Vintage ceramics

Vintage aprons

Vintage tea towels

Vintage tablecloths

Glass candlesticks (vintage)

Vintage tins

Vintage postcards

Vintage posters

Vintage records

Cookbooks (Vintage of course)

Ok. I think we have a common theme here. I collect Vintage things that i like!! It shouldnt be too hard to stick to that should it?????


thriftymrs said...

My collections are getting out of hand. I mostly collect shoes - over 500 pairs now. But my pyrex collection is starting to get out of hand!!

JollyPollyPickins said...

It can be so hard to let things go that you love. I don't admit to "collecting" I just say I have a lot of things that come from the same family of vintage awesomeness. *grin*

Marie Reed said...

Lol! Amen! I found your blog when searching for vintage postcards:)

Vintage Tea said...

Wow you do have some collections going there!! I seem to want to collect everything too I must confess.

You'll have to let me know if you take up WW.... you can always drop me an email and I can put the WW points info in the post.... I couldn't justify spending £5 per week just to be weighed so do it from home.

Victoria xx

MaryPoppins said...

A woman after my own Heart :)


sharie said...

Yes I collect too! I need to cut down as well as things are starting to take over.
Love the pyrex - I'd love to collect this but my kitchen cupboards are full to brimming.

50sgal said...

my vintage friend and I both collect pyrex. She collects the pink gooseberry pattern and I the aqua blue amish print pattern. We are both mad for pyrex!