Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Shabby Table and Thanks!

Firstly i would like to say thanks for all of your kind comments that have been left at my previous post, they have really cheered me up.x

I thought i would share my latest project with you.

I bought this table and chairs awhile ago with my dresser from ebay. I had planned on shabbying them and selling them but then i had a little idea. Paint them lovely colours and keep them!!

There was a horrible breakfast bar in the kitchen which we always ended up using, which resulted in us sat facing the wall. So out came my hammer and screwdriver and with a lot of effort and a little cursing it was gone!! I them used the remnants of paint that i had in the garage left over from previous projects to makeover the table and chairs. I moved the dresser to the former site of the hideous breakfast bar and moved in the table and chairs. Im really pleased with the result. I also think that my teaset looks lovely on there with my rose placemats. CB however is not so sure and has mentioned words like ''grandma''.

I think its lovely and i have since added a vintage, embroidered linen tablecloth which i think is the icing on the cake!

So now we sit civilised at the table and I drink tea from my teacup served from my teapot! Theres something about teapot tea. It just tastes nicer.

The table and chairs are also very functional. I have sanded them down to get that shabby look and I dont mind if a certain little boy drags his vintage cars across the paintwork. It adds to the look! My other 'posh' dining table is now safe!!!

I must sign off now as i have somewhere to be. Blogging will shortly resume with tales of thrifting, crafting and baking.

Take care Happy Thrifting x


thriftymrs said...

Love the table and the funky coloured chairs. They look terrific.

Hen said...

Great table and chairs makeover. You must be very pleased.
Hen x