Friday, 5 June 2009


Im back gain from my unintentional break! Things have been so busy here at the Fifties household.
The most important news from the last few weeks is that we found out that we are having a girl!! Im really happy and have been clearing the blue from the nursery to make way for lots and lots of pink girlyness!! I have some plans for the nursery and have been collecting wallpaper samples for some inspiration. I had originally planned on the Cath Kidston rose sprig but after having received the sample im now not so sure.

I want a girly room but with a vintage feel. Im looking out for a bookcase and chest of drawers now to paint but at the moment the prices on ebay are ridiculous. At one time you could not giveaway that horrible orange pine furniture but now the prices are going crazy. Could it be something to do with our friend Kirstie i wonder!!??

We have been spending some time away from the caravan at weekends and although i am really missing it,im glad that we have managed to achieve some of those jobs that just keep getting put off.

We have also turned our attention to the garden and have had the fence replaced. CB is now making a roof for the extra space that we have gained at the side of the shed and i couldnt be happier as this means that my enormous shed no longer has to be used for storage. It will now be turned into a shabby summerhouse / retreat/ craft room. I cant wait to fill it with vintage goodies and have already bought some vintage linen for the bed! We are currently painting the outside of it and i have chosen a lovely duck egg blue paint.

I have also been busy on the sewing front making a patchwork quilt for the caravan. I have used the offcuts from the curtains so have made it entirely of scraps. Im really pleased with it so far and just need to sew it all together now. I will save pics for when it is finished.

I must sign off now but i leave you with a pic of Finley helping in the garden!!!

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Elaine said...

What a lovely surprise!!!
I can just imagine your little girl dressed up to the nines in frills and bows (all vintage of course)
I found a great site once for wallpaper, lots of repro designs at quite reasonable prices.

Love and blessings