Saturday, 7 February 2009


You know sometimes when you really want something. That ache that you get. Remember when you were small that toy in the toy shop window or when you were a bit bigger, that extravagant outfit or pair of shoes. Well, this week the fifties household has been FULL of wanting. I really wanted Fin to use his potty and fill his reward chart with reward stickers. He really wanted a Diego set that he had seen. We worked together and look what happened!!!

You can gather from the chart the days that we went out. Hes not quite ready for an outing without nappy yet so the days there are few stars are when we have been out. I'm so pleased with him. He was rewarded tonight with his 'want'.

Those of you who have babies will I'm sure, know all about Diego. Apparently, when you are two its the equivalent of a thrifting holy grail::::: Vintage Pyrex, fifties goodies etc...

I rang Clint to remind him to pick this up on his way home and luck have it a bargain, reduced from £25 to £9.99. Clint gave it to Fin and Fin proceeded to tell him for about 15 mins 'Thanks Daddy you are such a good man!!!' I think he liked it!

We start a new chart next week, the reward will be for pulling down pants and trousers and peeing in the potty. Fin has chosen... guess what.. the other Diego set that clips to this one!!!!

We are so proud of you Mr Finley ........... although i am slightly confused.

Conversation approx 3pm Friday:

''Mummy are you from Spain''

''No Finley I'm from England the same as you''

'' If you were Spanish you would live in Spain and speak Spanish. Do you like Spain and Spanish?''

''I love Spain and i would love to speak Spanish''.

FINLEY: ''I will teach you Mummy, don't worry''!!!

This boy is three on July 23rd this year. He amazes (scares) me of what language he understands and knows. BIZARRE!!!!!!!!

Anyhow, here is the object of my desire this week. I cheated. They were an EBay buy but i just had to have them. I love them chips and all

Problem is i have to create a new gallery for these. I am already watching a few on EBay and as i have a little eBay spendo in my 'special account' i feel some 'friends' joining them!!!

I hope you are all OK in the snow, we have about 20 inches here still after 3 days!

Keep warm

Happy Thrifting!!! x x x


Deanna said...

Wow Fifties Girl...those ladies are wonderful! I've seen many of those at thrift stores but what are they called? If I see some again I will buy them for you.

Deanna :D

Elaine said...

Blimey!!! You've got a sharp lad there FG. Gonna have to watch every word you say LOL

Love the ladies BTW.

Love and blessings

Shabby Chick said...

What a clever boy, you must be so pleased with him! I hope my youngest catches on that quick.

Thanks v much for your comment on my post about my Dad by the way.

Mel xxx

Country Bliss said...

Awww bless him, didn't he do well. We have a Diego fan here too.
Yvonne x