Tuesday, 3 February 2009

A new month, a tag and lots of snow!!

I blinked and think i missed it!! Where did January go?? I seem to have been busy and fitted a lot in to the last few weeks and it seems to have flown by. Im glad though as it means that we are creeping ever closer to spring them summer. Hurraaahhhh!!!

Firstly i have been tagged by the lovely Mary Poppins. The rules of the tag are to post the fourth photo from your fourth file. Here it is... China as a pup.

... Im going to pass on this tag to A thrifty Mrs.

I must of course mention the snow. This time it was real snow. The kind of snow from childhood that you could actually play in. We Awoke yesterday to find a very good covering had arrived overnight. Around 8 - 10 inches maybe a little more. Fin was happy as his Nanna was off work due to the school being closed, and he spent the morning playing barbershop playdoh with her!

He also enjoyed the snowy walk we made later in the evening with our wellies on once CB finally made it home. The shop is about 3.5 miles away from home but it took him an hour and a half to get home lastnight as the roads were so terrible.

As we have been confined to the house i decided to try and push on with the potty training. Fully armed with a reward sticker chart. Fin has been doing fantastically, although he doesnt like wearing the pants, not where he should anyway!

Touch wood we have had no accidents on the floor yet and he is very good at using the potty. Next step is venturing out clothed but with no nappy on!! Wish me luck!

I have promised him a treat if he fills his chart with stickers by the end of the week and the object that he seems to have chosen is a 'Go Diego Go' safari set. Looks like im toy shopping at the weekend!

The schools here have been closed again today so Fin has once again enjoyed his Nannas company and they have been making things this afternoon.

I have enjoyed this snowy weather as it has given me the excuse to snuggle at home reading books. My reading has been somewhat thin on the ground of late as i have been crafting instead, but i have enjoyed reading 3 books since Sunday. I love that feeling; once you have got to know the characters and then you cant wait to pick the book up again to find out what happens to them!

I leave you with a picture of the snow remnants in our back garden!

I feel a little crafting coming on, so hopefully i will return with pics of finished projects... i hope!

Oh i must say that if i have not visited / commented on your blog for a while, ive been a little busy with the potty training. Im looking forward to visiting you all soon though and catching up.

Happy Thrifting x


MaryPoppins said...

Well potty training really is something that should be going on in this house right now :)

I bought the potty 7 months ago and i reckon he has sat on it twice, once a number one and once well you can guess can't you :) and since then he has had no interest at all, should get back into it :)

Thanks for your lovely comments Fifties Girl, I think i am liking to have my blog as more of a diary one, if that makes any sense with plenty of pretties here and there :)


MelMel said...

I'm potty training too.....hard work...the little one is my minded child....today would have been the day to wear wellies in the house....:>))x

Shabby Chick said...

Ooh well done on the potty training! How old is Fin? I tried time and again with my eldest and she just didn't want to know, I got so stressed. In the end it was the day after her third birthday we started and decided to stick with it come hell or high water! Eventually things worked out. Mum in law is on at me to start with little one but she's only 21 months and can't say many words and it seems unfair to make her when she can't even tell me she wants to go!

Cute piccy of your dog xxx

Elaine said...

Hope the PT is going well. Are we going to see photos of your crafting?
What have you been making?

Pleased to see you put on the obligatory snow photo, well done !!!

Love and blessings

Country Bliss said...

Good luck with the potty training. The sticker chart worked with my little one, it was a bit like puppy training at first puddles everywhere! Love the puppy photo.
Yvonne x

michelle brown said...

oooooh.......i found a person with a passion for vintage caravans, have you seen my 1960's ace continental?
michelle xxx

The Vintage Kitten said...

Your little boy is so cute! I used to love playdoh when I was a childminder. I think I had more fun than the children did X