Saturday, 14 February 2009

Valentines, thrifting and Cath

Happy Valentines!!

Here are two of my all time favourite vintage postcards that reside on the wall in the fifties kitchen 'gallery'.

The top one is from 1907 and has the address beautifully written on the back. Im not sure of the date on the bottom one as its unclear. I love them though. The fact that they were sent to someone from a loving partner / admirer all of those years ago. I always wonder about the people when i look at them. Did they marry?, Have children? or did nothing ever come of their love? Truly fascinating.

I have managed to do a little thrifting

Roses seem to be a common theme at the moment. The two little rose bud pots £1 for the two, the blue rose cups and saucers are a set of 6 £1.25, and the pretty jug £1.50. CB thinks the cups and saucers are particularly hideous but hey what does he know!!! I love them and am still deciding where to display them.

It has been busy busy in the fifties household this week. I decided that Fin has finally grown out of the smaller bedroom that hes in at the moment and would be better suited in the larger currently spare room. Lots of planning, moving toys etc to follow. I have decided to decorate his new 'big boy' bedroom in the famous Cath Kidston cowboy range.

I intended to paper the whole room in this but as CB kindly pointed out, we spent A LOT of money last year having the room decorated. Luckily its cream. So im going to make some huge framed wall art out of the wallpaper to avoid redecorating the whole room. A new carpet is being fitted on Monday and we are on the hunt for a single bed and a cowboy rug!!! Cowboy curtains and matching duvet set will complete the look along with lots of vintage cowboy stuff!! I love redecorating its fab!!

I also have a little project im working on at the moment, i managed to buy some fantastic fabric on ebay printed with Peter and Jane at the funfair in all their retro glory!! I only bought a FQ so im going to make some small bunting to edge my new shelves. Pics to follow!!

Have a happy Valentines Day,CB is taking me to my favourite turkish restaurant so im looking forward to that!

Happy Thrifting! x


Raspberry Grace said...

Fiftes, have you seen this?

Best thing is, if you have an account you can pay it up, makes the cost feel a bit less!

God bless, Rasp x

Elaine said...

How nice are the china pieces. My DH just sort of rolls his eyes now LOL

Love and blessings

Shabby Chick said...

I cannot wait to see the bunting! I'm obsessed with it, but I don't care, it's not a huge vice :-D

Love your postcards and thrify finds xxx

MelMel said...

The cowboy print is so retro. love it!
Lovely finds, very pretty!xx

gingerwine said...

ooo I love the cowboys print!
The room will be lovely!!


thriftymrs said...

Some really lovely finds.

Anonymous said...