Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Im back AGAIN!!!

Ok so as the title says..... Im back again. Hopefully for good this time and im going to try to get back into blogging again. I have completely stepped out of the blogging world for sometime, not updating mine or catching up on the lovely blogs that i used to follow. Please bear with me whilst i try to catch up on your news and updates!
I have lots of news and updates to give you all and to be honest its a little daunting of where to start and how! I have just read some of my earlier posts and its really quite amazing how much has changed. I still have the same interests and likes but our situation has changed somewhat! 
Finley is now 7 years old and full of energy loving life. Lylah is now 4 and is a beautiful little lady who loves all things girly and pretty. Then we have Fenton who is 2! He is our gorgeous little man full of character and so loving and happy. It seems strange the last time i updated this blog Lylah had just been born. 
My beautiful furry baby China had to be put to sleep a couple of years back. I love and miss her lots. 
We have various other pet friends now whom i shall introduce shortly!

This was taken in October on Lylahs 4th birthday. Finley and Lylah on Hemmick Beach.

Fenton just before his second birthday!

So now you are updated on our family additions! 

You may note that Finley is on the beach in the picture in his school uniform despite the fact that we live in the Midlands.

Update number 2 will be about our huge life change that we made in November 2012. We followed our dreams and our hearts and moved to Cornwall!!! I will be back soon to fill you all in!! xxxxxxxxx

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Donna said...

Welcome back Lou. Can't wait for all your news!I am going to get back into blogging this year as well.