Monday, 7 July 2008

Rainy days and Mondays .............................

Usually always get me down. Except for this rainy Monday. An unexpected knock on the door can certainly cheer you up. Especially when its the flower lady delivering a surprise-for-no- reason-bouquet. Birthdays and anniversaries command such gifts but rainy Mondays dont. Thanks CB i love you too. x.

These flowers have certainly brightened up a corner in my base (kitchen). I say base as it is the base for everything; cooking, cleaning, paperwork, ironing, phonecalls and of course treasures. I have long yearned for a kitchen that i can put my own stamp on, fill with my treasures and lovely things. I spend 90% of my day in there and am gradually making it a space i can enjoy whilst doing my everyday chores. Our last house was always going to be sold so I could never quite be let loose in there as it had to conform to the beige cream silver brown chrome standard that most buyers desire these days. My style however is far from that beige style. I have been collecting lovely things for many years and dont intend for it to stay in boxes. In the last few years I feel i have grown confident enough to surround myself with the beautiful things that make me happy, ignore fashions and embrace what makes me who and what i am.

Some people like minimalist, but its not for me. I love old things, lovely things and pretty things. The rarity of them and the story of the people who have owned them before just intrigues me and i love the fact that im giving something a new lease of life that may otherwise have been discarded. I have a fascination with old things. I love to surround myself with beautiful pieces, one of a kind treasures and things that dont match! It all adds to the fabric of life.
Its quite easy to dislike your home and see things that you say you want to change. How many times have you said ''i need to do this, change this, get this??? However of late i have seen things in a different light. My home is my home. Make the most of it. See the beauty in what you have got. Can it be painted, changed or surrounded / dressed in treasures to enhance it. Unfortunately i dont own a 10 bedroom 17th century cottage with 4 acres and a moat around it, but until that day im going to be very happy with my lot. x

As its a rainy day with not much to look at outside i have trawled through my pics to find lovely things. Images that make me happy, warm inside and remember happy thoughts. I hope you have enjoyed my ramblings and i hope you enjoy my pictures. Is there anyone reading this anyway?????

Happy thrifting x x x x


MaryPoppins said...

Lovely words X

Elaine said...

How lovely to receive such gorgeous flowers on a dull day!

Love your photos, you have a handsome lad there (must take after his mother surely!)

Love and blessings

shabby chic said...

Hi Love that post, its true its so easy to look round and think I will change this & that. I have been in this house nearly 9 years now and i always wanted to move a while ago as I wanted to live in a cottage!, but I have made my house a home now and its our little sanctuary. We were not prepared to up our mortgage to live in a cottage. You can make your house inside whatever you want it to be and jazz it up. As long as its the family home thats the most important. I love coming in and kicking my shoes off, popping the kettle on for a cup of tea and snuggling in the sofa in peace!
Lovely little lad you have too, I have a girl nearly eleven and a boy nearly nine (his nickname is newborn as he always is in my eyes)!!

Country Bliss said...

Lovely photos and lucky you for getting flowers delivered to you for no particular reason. I agree minimalist is definately not for me either.