Thursday, 22 May 2008

The thrifting angel has paid us a visit!!!

Well, after a terrible few days in which we have been plagued with sickness and tummy bugs, we decided to venture to the local carboot for a spot of bargain hunting. We were not disappointed!

The thrifting angel has definitely blessed us today!!
Here are some of our finds!

Brand new storage tins (very Cathesque!), perfect for the caravan. But also perfect for my kitchen. Descisions, decisions.

Various vintage childrens books, just love looking at the illustrations, Fin has also shown a keen interest in these so will be spending many happy hours reading them to him.

Linda Barker book, great for shabby inspiration.

4 Snowflake Pyrex large plates. You can never have enough!

Vintage pyrex dish, just because!

Very old cook book. For a bit of old school kitchen delights.

A J & G Meakin Glamour gravy boat. Needs a cycle in the dishwasher but delightful nevertheless.
And how much did these treasures set me back. Less than £11 for everything!!

A perfect thrifting day.


Country Bliss said...

Love the tins, I have the same Heidi book have had it for years.

This Vintage Life said...

I've just discovered your blog and anybody that likes caravans is ok by me! What great boot-bargains too, so envious of the vintage childrens books. And can you please find me a dozen eiderdowns at that price please...Deborah x

girlonarock said...

oh i love your books! and so loving the titles of the other books! made me chuckle!