Friday, 16 May 2008

For you Mammar

1 gorgeous, fantastically shabby vintage quilt. For the outrageous price of £1.

Some people however, mentioning no names (you know who you are!!!), have no appreciation whatsoever for this gorgeous piece of history. So im going to give it to you mammar Ness as i know you have always wanted one. So now freshly laundered and plumped, its yours. Enjoy. x x x x


mammar said...

thank you number one daughter in law. somthin to keep me warm in your caravan when grandad col cols not there of causexxxxxxxxxx

Trish said...

ooohhh nice :) I wish I could find pretties like this xxx

angel said...

I think I left my comment on the pyrex post, doh...........I love the quilt to bits.

Raspberry Grace said...

The quilt is gorg, if you get tired of it (how could you?!!) ring me first *winks*

love, Rasp xx

claire said...

lovely quilt and how generous of you to part with it :) x

I've been searching for a quilt like this for ages :(
Claire x

thriftymrs said...

You've been tagged - check out my blog to see the rules!

Anonymous said...

OOOOOOOOOOOOO you were so lucky to find that for £1 unbelivabl .Its stunning I love it .
From sesga x

Anonymous said...